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Oh God!

Everyday, In my inbox, I get a few newspapers from around the world. It’s interesting to go through all those headlines. Different people in different parts of the world look at the things with a different perspective- gives an idea of the real world outside. It is indeed fascinating to see our world growing in all directions. .

Today, as I sipped on a cup of coffee, three stories in the email caught my attention. First one was about the Conclave in Vatican to select the new Pope. Second one discussed research about Higgs Bosson- the so called “God Partical” and third one announcing the claims of a Baby being cured of HIV.

So, There are some people who believe in God, Some are searching for the God and Some trying to conquer him in a way.

Whether one has faith or not, the idea of God is incredible.
There are certain things out of our reach and science may lead us to their cause some day. Still, God will continue to be here. For this idea- that there exists something beyond everything makes many things bearable. Call it Nature or God, call it destiny or co-incidence, Scientific principle or Supreme Power, acceptance of something greater relieves us of pain.

कानावर आवाज पडत राहतात, मी बोलत जाते,

उत्तरांमधून पुन्हा नव्याने प्रश्न शोधत राहते…

घड्याळाचे काटे पुढे सरकतात, सेकंदांचा हिशोब लागतो,

ब्रेकमधला बातम्यांचा कोटा पूर्ण होतो.

कधी बाहेर वातावरण तापते, आणि आत विचार साठत राहतात,

एसीमध्ये बसलेल्यांचे शब्द गारठून जातात..

तीच माणसं, तेच बोल, तीच वेळ,

नव्यानं सुरू होणारे जुनेच खेळ.

असेच दिवस सरत जातात, माझे प्रश्न सुरूच राहतात.

जाणिवेच्या पलिकडले काहीतरी जाणवत राहते,

शब्द किंचाळणं सोडून देतात,

आणि स्वप्नांना जाग येते..