14344329_10154548344896602_8903495655030246786_nlanguage we speak matters to us.

One is not just a speaker of a language. Instead one could be a child, a friend or a lover of a language.

But what about those who grow up with a language and find their expression in other? This is what has happened to me and That’s why I loved reading this book.

Couple of months back I chanced upon Jhumpa Lahiri’s “In other Words ” and was literally blown away! Jhumpa was born in a Bengali family in London, studied in US and wrote books in English- even won the Pulitzer. Still, it was in Italian that she found her solace.

In Other Words is a collection of her essays, that depict the story of her love affair with Italian- she uprooted herself from US and went to Italy to learn the language.

Originally written in Italian, the essays were later translated by Ann Goldstein. Lahiri refused to translate it as she wanted to avoid modifications to the thoughts.

I had read her novels – “The Namesake” and “The Lowland” and a few of her stories. But In Other Words is more like a memoir, a revelation, a journey to the deep.