What Kiran Rao said, came from a mother’s heart. A mother whose kid’s father belongs to other religion. and being a celebrity kid doesn’t mean you won’t be bullied. Kiran might be wrong, she might be worrying too much or thinking too much, but it’s cruel to judge what a mother feels.

But let’s face it. We Are Not The Safest Place for Children.

Our cities are overcrowded and polluted. Our villages lack infrastructure, some are ruined because of drought.

We talk of harmony but are ready to take on each other any instance. We are losing acceptance and difference of opinions and there is polarization in the society about anything and everything.

We see a rise in crimes against women and children and elderly. People are still being persecuted on basis of caste. Women are still disallowed from entering temples for being women. Communities force their eating habits on society. Writers and thinkers are killed for speaking out. And the “I don’t care” attitude still persists.

Youth is getting addicted to technology and losing touch with reality. Drinks, drugs and tobacco poses a threat. Traffic rules are broken every second and road-rage is becoming common. People still die of Dengue, Malaria, TB, Diarrhoea, hunger and cold.

Inflation is flattening the middle class. Rich and intellectuals have no time for poor and persecuted. Poor are barely surviving and slowly losing it.

Trees are cut down without a second thought, miners are destroying jungles, rivers are shrinking, seas are rising, sudden flash-floods are displacing thousands every year.

You will say this is happening all over the World. But should we not focus on the fact- this is happening in India of 21st century? Sure we have a great past, and strive for a glorious future, but we shall not forget the present that counts most.

Let’s face it. IT IS ALL HAPPENING. It has been happening not just for past few months, but for over a decade and half. What we see today is a result of what we all have been doing (or not doing) for years.

We are certainly not the safest and best place in the world. Perhaps we are on the brink. But as Jeff Daniels character in “The Newsroom”, Will McAvoy says in his oration about America, “we can be the best country in the world”

We still have people who care about what is happening around. We still have youngsters ready to die on the border, we still have women defying all odds. We still have people raising their voices against injustice. We still have HOPE.

And as long as hope is there, we can fight all insecurities. Doesn’t matter who is our leader. What matters is who we are and what we want to be.

If your brother is afraid of something should you mock him all the time? Or should you stand by his side, make him trust yourself and destroy his insecurities? Decide. Decide what is more Indian. To rage and destroy or to love and heal? to fire in defence or to kill for supremacy?

Let’s decide. Let’s make India a much better place than what it is- a Great country. A place where every mother would want her children to be.

  • Janhavee Moole, ABP Majha/ABP News.