Kalam at UN

Kalam at UN

“An indomitable spirit stands on two feet.. vision and firm thought”

APJ Abdul Kalam tweeted this couple of days ago. On July 23rd to be precise.. But these are the words that he lived by, always. Till his last breath, he was doing what he loved most- teaching, interacting with the young.

First as a scientist and then as a President, he has inspired the people of our nation. That is why, when the news of his death came in, I was shocked and saddened. But then I realised this is perhaps the best time to look back and cherish his achievements and fulfil the task that he has left unfinished.

Don’t put up the black bands

Grieve, but let it not shadow

Your thoughts

If your emotions roll down the face,

Let them flow and fill your hearts

With pride

For we have lost,

A great man, a beloved hero

And a pure soul

Who took the flight with Wings of Fire

And Ignited Minds Of our generation

Let the fire burn bright.

He gave us Rohini, He gave us Agni,

He gave us the Missiles;

but more than anything

He gave us a vision

He gave us hope,

He gave us the dream,

And he gave us the inspiration

– Janhavee Moole