Afghanistan Presidential Elections:

Who will succeed Hamid Karzai? Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai are the main contenders.

On 5th April, Afghans will vote to elect their second President after the fall of Taliban, first after withdrawal of US troops started.

At present there are around 38,000 US soldiers on Afghan soil. The Nato forces will leave Afghanistan by the end of this year. In the changing dynamics, India’s relations with Afghanistan will be critical in maintaining stability and peace in the region. The failure of the election would send Afghanistan in political disorder which could eventually affect all neighbouring countries including India. Afghan elections are therefore, important from an Indian perspective.

As the date of election approaches, violence in Afghanistan has gone up. Despite the threats, Afghans have come out in huge numbers to register for the voting.


Elections across the Globe

It’s Election time, not just in India, but across the World. Many of the strategically important countries will be voting to elect new Head of The state or Parliament this year.

April 5 –        Presidential Elections in Afghanistan

April 30 –       Parliamentary Elections in Iraq

May 7 –           Parliamentary Elections in South Africa

22-25 May –    European Parliament election

26–27 May –   Presidential Elections in Egypt

June 14 –         Presidential Elections in Israel

August 2 –      Presidential Elections in Turkey

Sept 20 –         Parliamentary Elections in New Zealand

October 5 –     Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Brazil


–          Janhavee Moole