She was not alone. Neither was the Delhi girl.

She was on duty. Going to such places is part of the job.. She was there with a male colleague. They bundled him with rope and raped her. Five of them…

And it happened in early evening. Not far from where I live, near to the place where I worked for five years.

That mill is an empty deserted compound with easy escape routs for criminals, out of sight from main road. Yet I have never noticed presence of any authorities around the area whenever I passed it. And it always felt like a ghost town from canteen window of our old office. Perhaps perfect setting for a crime scene, I used to think. Never realized it would come true in such a horrific manner. Never realizing it would happen to a journalist. But now I think it could have happened to anyone, victim could have been me.

With Camera in your hands or in front of you, one feels strength. People treat you with respect and look at you in awe. You feel courageous and a bit invincible- like you can go anywhere, do anything, ask questions, seek answers and Find Truth. But things like this happen and you are reminded it is just the camera and not a weapon to protect you… Sometimes it may even be the reason why one is targeted.

We the women journalists, rather we the women are not at all safe in this city anymore. Does that mean I m going to stop or get scared? NEVER.

But yes, I do feel vulnerable now.. more than anything I am angry, helpless.

Acid attack on Preeti, eve teasing on roads, groping in crowd, murder of Keenan who tried to save a girl, Police women molested, attack on American woman in train and the list goes on. If u want to know what many women have to go through just talk to your sister, mother, wife, daughter or any girl friend or co workers. Or read Michaela Cross’ story on CNN.

Now there will be a lot of talk about the failed system, decaying society, changed dynamics of the city but is there any real solution to the problem? I see none.

And that is a failure of you, India!

– Janhavee Moole