By now, so many people have said so many words of praise for him. So many have written so much about his greatness. Many of them clichéd, but most of them straight from the heart… And yet it doesn’t seem enough to describe him. Even the huge stats can not quantify his contribution to the game.

Rahul Dravid is much more than a cricketer. He’s a good family man. He has a thinking mind and great temperament. He is handsome but not wild. He is a real hero, an inspiration to many. He’s right there in the league of people like Roger Federer and Vishvanathan Anand..

He never batted, he meditated through his innings.  While it’s a heavenly to watch Sachin’s batting, thrill to see Sehwag, Dhoni and Jaysuriya, fun to watch Lara  and sheer delight to see Laxman, Kallis and Ganguly in full flow, Watching Dravid play is spiritual and joyous.

Dravid showing his bat to the press box in Kolkata, Dravid kissing the cap after winning inAdelaide, That fastest half century, Dravid hitting 3 consecutive sixes on T20 debut…. Whenever I see these images, I feel happy. I feel proud to be an Indian. That’s what makes him different. He is a true Indian, from heart and soul.

Many a times I’ve face situations when I feel I might just give up. Then I think of Dravid and Federer and that makes me feel better, that drives me to do better. And it will always be so.

– Janhavee Moole