Yesterday night, fire broke in a shop in Karjat’s Marwadi peth, everything was burnt to ashes.

I just visited the spot. It’s a crowded place, with a narrow road and buildings close to each other.

The fire was detected at around 1am, and people reacted immediately, they sprayed water on it with buckets and pipes. However, there was no fire-person on the spot till 3am.

Reason is, there is no fire-brigade in Karjat..!
The nearest fire-trucks are in Khopoli, Badlapur and Rasayani.

Interestingly Karjat has a municipality and the population is growing by thousands in recent years, more people from around mumbai coming

So, in future, if a big accident happens, who’ll be responsible?

Moreover, What about other municipalities in the state? Do they have required disaster-management machinery? I’d like to know that..

Why we are always so vulnerable to disasters and neglect the preventive measure?