Somebody asked why all news channels are giving this much of attention to 9/11 anniversary? Well, here is my answer…

Everyone is talking about it because 9/11 changed d whole world, not justAmerica.

It gave birth to new Indo-US relations.

It’s because of these attacks, US started 2 wars and cost of those war affected whole world economy. E.g. Oil was around $28 per barrel then and it’s over $ 100 now. Wars played a big role in shooting up the inflation. Also, because of the changed global scenario,China rose to power.

Another impact is that Europe and Americabecame more sensitive towards issues of terrorism.

There was a need for removing prejudices against Islam and Arabs. UN paid attention to development in Arab countries. The 2002 UN report on
human rights in Arab world is a catalyst in the thought process that eventually turned into Arab Spring..

Also, b4 9/11, major terror attacks on Indiawas 1993 blasts. All big ones came after that. Because, a massive number of people turned radical.
As Michael Jordan had said, we were all innocent before that day. It’s not the same now.. Don’t take the attacks as a one off incidence. Understand it’s historical important in international relations.