“I just want to be like everyone else, I’m nothing special.” Petra Kvitova said this on Saturday, just before the Wimbledon final. Two hours later it was a different story…  The World now knows, this girl is special and gifted. Just at the age of 21, Petra has her name crafted among legends of the game.

By looks, Kvitova has a striking resemblance with Mary Pierce. But the similarities end there. When she lifts the racket and hits hard, she reminds of another great player, perhaps one of the greatest legends, Martina Navratilova.

Kvitova shares a distinction with Navratilova. She’s just the third left-handed woman to win the Wimbledon. Ann Jones did it 1969 and Navratilova won it 9 times from 1978 to 1989.

Not just the lefty serve, Kvitova has reliable backhand and powerful ground-strokes, that make her very, very dangerous. On Saturday, Maria Sharapova had no answer to all these weapons and was completely outplayed.  The 2004 Champion lost the control early on and could not recover in time. Kvitova took advantage of it and registered a 6-3, 6-4 victory to win her first Grand Slam title.

Petra was quite unknown till last year when she reached the semi finals at SW 19. Well, she’s still pretty unknown. But Martina got to see her game and predicted that this girl would win a slam one day. When Martina says something, it got to have something and Petra has proved her right.

Petra hails from the same land (Czech Republic) that Martina was born in. She grew up listening to stories of Martina’s game. She idolized Martina and ultimately, has won her first major at the same venue where once Martina ruled. And what’s more? Martina was there to cheer her and saw her raise the trophy.

She won it and won a few hearts and many fans.  What I liked about Petra? She reminds me a lot of Roger Federer- Calm, Composed and Classic.

Many pandits see a new icon in Petra Kvitova. Many believe she’s the one that WTA has been waiting for. To an extent, it’s true.  Petra belongs to the new breed of Champions. In fact, she’s the first Grand Slam Title holder who’s born in the 1990s.

And yes, while we praise Petra, let’s not forget Sabine Lisicki, the un-seeded wonder girl from Germany who made it to the semis this year.

Women’s tennis has produced some great results this season. Williams Sisters have made a comeback; Kim Clijsters is still in the fray and Maria Sharapova getting back on track.

And while they’re on, we have new players like Petra and Sabine show a promise, that future is better.