Two men have made me think a lot these days.

One is relatively younger, other quiet older.

One wears expensive designer cloths; other is always clad in Khadi.

One is always on screen and in papers, other is relatively unknown.

One has moved a billion hearts; other is a movement in himself.

Yes, I’m talking about Sachin Tendulkar and Anna Hazare… If you look at them at first, nothing is common. But then, they both are simple, humble, determined and aggressive yet amiable. Both are quiet aged for their respective tasks and yet able to defy all odds.

And both have given this nation what it badly needs- tremendous hope…

2nd April, 2011. No Indian shall ever forget the date. It’s the day when India became World Champion of ODI cricekt, after beating Sri Lanka and the pressure to perform at home. It was a dream-come-true for the team. They did it for the country, as well as for their icon, Sachin Tendulkar. Nearly all of the team grew up watching him play. They idolized him, and practiced the game dreaming to be like him.

Some call him the God of the game. He never feels so. The game is the God for him and he worships it wholeheartedly. That devotion has made him into one of the all-time greatest sporting icons. That weight of expectations makes him serious while batting. But otherwise he is innocent like a child, just see how he ran to the field after India won. And when his teammates carried him on shoulders, all, even his critics would have praised him for the impact Sachin has made on the game in India and around the World.

This country eats cricket, drinks cricket, lives cricket.  The Game is the greatest unifier here; it brings people together and makes them feel one. It gives us a reason to feel proud. And that’s why people came on the streets and celebrated.

Before the Euphoria got over, people gathered in the streets again. They got together in places across India and stood up for a cause. The fight against curruption and the demand for Jan-Lokpal Bill swept away other topics on twitter. People, especially youngsters actively joined the campagne.

Not all of them knew who Anna Hazare is, or what exactly the Lokpal Bill is. But the public reaction is amazing. It shows how desperate we are to remove curruption. To be true, we can not say this Bill will solve the problem.

I was even a little surprised to see Anna Hazare fasting for the Jan-Lokpal Bill. Anna has believed in decentralization of power, let it be the issue of Gram Sabhas or the RTI Act. Then why he supports a single authority, an ombudsman, as the Lokpal? I’m still not able to find an answer. But again, we don’t have another option as well.

Ok, we do have options. We can change ourselves and avoid curruption. Avoid giving bribe even if it’s an offer of a chocolate to a child for making him stop crying…

Well, well, well. Coming back to the point, Anna has become an icon of the movement. He’s become a hero. Just like Sachin. Anna is the catalyst and made us believe in the dream of an India, where things are fair and fine. And just like Sachin’s dream, this dream would remain incomplete without support from others, from all of us.

We Dream, We like to see the dreams come true and we love our heroes who make the dreams into reality.

–          Janhavee Moole