General ward of a small town Hospital.. That typical smell and silence..

The staff brings a new patient from nearby rehab center. He’s constantly talking. He finds a company in another rehab patient laying on the next bed. Both are talking abt politics, films and the families who left them there. Topics that we ‘normies’ would discuss over a cup of tea..

But other patients or rather their relatives are annoyed by these two.

Soon, the ward matron finds herself at the centre of a crowd demanding a special room for their boy who’s admitted there.. They can’t stand the two talking guys.

Receptionist checks for rooms And tells they’ll have to wait till the evening.

Soon the relatives of the boy come in and start talking. Loudly. somebody asks them to keep quiet. They suddenly stop but within minutes chatter is back. other patients in the ward are disturbed. Ofcourse, except those two who are into there own world.. The two are now trying to read something.

The sister comes in looks at the relatives and asks them to leave. She looks at the other corner and mutters, ‘I Sometimes wonder, who’s in the need of rehab?’