I love reading Michael Crichton, and wish to read all his books. Crichton was a great story-teller, he blended facts with fiction so seamlessly! He certainly knew how to write, and he knew how to keep our attention.

Like all other works by Crichton, ‘Rising Sun’ is a captivating novel. a murderMystery at first glance, with a deeper meaning inside.

Two Policemen, Peter Smith and John Connor set on to investigate a murder. In an empty conference room on the forty-sixth floor of Nakatomo Tower, Los Angeles, the dead body of a beautiful young call girl has been found sprawled out on a table. Nothing about this investigation is straightforward. As more details are revealed, Connor and Smith find themselves “in the warzone” of a business battle. The Japanes think Business as a War. And Americans cannot really compete with Japan, a reality in the 80s and 90s.

A very good plot, somewhat partial to America,but excellent comparisons between two cultures. indicates the weaknesses in the economy of The Superpower of the world.

The Novel actually comes as a commentary on Japenese-American relations. on the love and hate relationship between these two countries. Crichton tells America through the book, that there is a different world outside, a different way of looking at the life. and that’s the best part of it.

So, if you get a chance, do read it.

Of course, Things have changed a lot in past 18 years, Japanese Economy has stalled, US no more fears of Japan. still there are other countries rising up, and competing at the global level. and there continues to be a Xenophobia- fear and dislike of foreigners, in minds of people. not just in America, but throughout the world.